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Ordering customised t-shirts is extremely easy today. Previously, the market for custom t-shirts was very small. Only a handful of business owners used to provide this service. However, as demand has grown, more and more businesses have begun to offer customisation features to their customers.


In fact, you can get customised t-shirts off the internet as well. It is one of the most lucrative markets in the clothing industry right now. Millennials generally prefer wearing clothes that allow them to flaunt their personality. Rather than donning a standard t-shirt with no design, many prefer cheeky one-liners or designs that help them showcase who they are.

However, most people don’t exactly know how to place an order for custom t-shirts. If you have a good idea or design in your mind and would like to have it printed on a t-shirt, here is a brief guide to help you out:

Find a T-Shirt Printing Company

The first step is to find a reliable clothing business that offers customisablet-shirt printing. There are many different companies that allow you to print t-shirts. Make sure you find one that offers you a cheaper price. Ideally, the price of the t-shirt is decided based on the amount of money based on the size of the design.

Obviously, a smaller design will cost you less as compared to a full sized frontal design. Many companies allow you to explore their size charts and come to a decision. Generally, most people order several shirts at once. As a result, pricing is a major issue. Make sure the price falls within your budget.

The Printing Method

The printing method used by the company also plays a very important role. In order to save costs and maximise their profit margins, most companies use cheaper quality ink. They also use t-shirts that are relatively cheap. Cheaper quality t-shirts have a lot of stray threads. As a result, the ink doesn’t really adhere to the fabric. Within a few washes, you will feel the design becoming abrasive. It won’t be long before it starts to peel off. The most popular printing method is silkscreen printing. Ask the company about the printing method that they use.

The Colour of the Shirt

You will have to decide the colour of the t-shirt too. Ideally, make sure you know how to create a combination. The colours of your design will come best on white and black t-shirts. However, if the base colour is different, such as orange or green, the design may not be as pronounced as you might think.

Using heather grey is also a great idea. Heather grey is a popular colour and is also very receptive. You will be asked to select a colour and then submit your design. Within a few days, the t-shirt will be sent to your address. You can also see a picture of the design once it is completed.