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Your first trimester or two entails maternity shopping. Whether you’re looking forward to a whole new bump-friendly wardrobe or want to keep it to a minimum, either way you will need to start with the bare essentials. Here are few maternity must-haves to keep you cool and comfy during your pregnancy.


Maternity Jeans

They come with an elastic band which comfortably adjusts to your growing belly. Two pairs are enough to get you by during your entire pregnancy dresses as they go with almost any top. When selecting a pair, choose one which flatters your legs so that you look more like a hip-mama rather than big-momma.

Stretch Leggings

They come cheap and go with everything so you can buy as many as you like and mix and match them with your tops and tunics. Cotton leggings are much more comfortable as they feel soft against the skin and are always the preferred fabric during the hot summer months. You can wear them from beginning to end without having to get a bigger size and they last right through your postpartum months as well.

Loose-fitting Tops

Loose-fitting blouses and tunics are an absolute must-have in your maternity wardrobe. They flow over your expanding belly and allow your tummy enough room to breathe. They also cover all those areas which you least want exposed or bursting at the seams.

Long Front-open Cardigan

Long front-open cardigans are ideal for the winter months. They don’t just keep you warm but can work any outfit. More importantly the long length of it covers the hips and bottom which expand along with your belly. You can feel free to wear any tight-fitted top or dress inside and cover it up with the long cardigan so that you don’t feel conscious of your body and your baby bump gets just the right amount of attention.

An Empire Waist Dress

You may not be able to fit into a little black dress for any occasion that may arise during the next 6 months of your pregnancy but an empire waist dress works just as well. Sitting just at the bust and skimming over your body, it usually is a personal favourite of every woman once they enter their trimester. The good thing about it is that a dress of this style never goes to waste post pregnancy. You can still wear it long after.

Comfy Footwear

Spare some space in your maternity wardrobe for some comfy footwear as well for you’re definitely going to need it. There’s an abundance of cute looking flats which go with almost any outfit, from classic ballerinas to a neat pair of loafers, cutesy espadrilles and formal flat sandals. You should have at least one pair for work and another for casual outings. Get them in a larger size if need be for when your feet start to swell.

A Few Recommendations

Just because you’re beginning to grow out of shape and have to make do with clothing that doesn’t really suit your style, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your dress sense. Liven up your wardrobe with some funky accessories which can turn any outfit from drab to fab. A silken scarf or a glitzy pair of earrings and neck piece fits in well with almost any outfit and it’s something that you can hold onto long after the baby’s born.