Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Summer Trendy Women

We all know that when summer season arrives, all the women around the world begin to bloom like flowers. It is a time for the ladies to come up with bold accessories with their seasonal outfits and vibrant make up.


So, when the fashion summer 2015 has arrived, we can say that the trend for 70s jewelry has also come. Let us have a look over the top 5 must-have summer accessories for women:

  1. Look Ethnic with Chokers & Necklaces

The designers have ensured that neck of beautiful women shines with every best type of bead, pendant and chains. Necklaces this summer are made of non-precious alloys, plastics, noble metals, textiles and leather. The heavy chokers also come with metals and are often embellished with pearls and expensive stones. Are in fashion in 2015, you can watch out big fashion houses such as Balmain that displays a splendid array of these types of necklaces.

You can also view ethnic styles of accessories in the collections of Giambattista Valli at its online store-

If you are more into gold, silver or platinum jewelry then you can find accessories embellished with stones. Multi-layered necklaces are in vogue this summer. Try out.

  1. Flaunt with Gigantic earrings

These include earrings in round shapes with elongated teardrop. These are another trend in the summer season, which are ideal to accentuate the beauty of fashionistas woman. Shown in the collections of Marni, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, the stuff looks cool when complemented with a matching summer dress. Gigantic earrings are a must-have as these can have a great influence on the crowd around you.

  1. Look Unique with Colossal rings

For any fashion conscious woman, jewelry for fingers is a must through which she can flaunt her hands and nail-painted fingers. Whether or not you are a fashion lover, a colossal ring in the middle finger would simply keep you in vogue this summer. If you happen to be one of the fashionistas then the current trend asks to wear several rings of bright stones in different fingers of both hands.

  1. Exhibit Bracelets

The trend of massiveness dates back in the late 70s. However, today even the most famous of was fashion houses showcase massive jewelry that never misses out exhibit bracelets adorned on models. Trendy, stylish and classy, these add an oomph factor to your personality.

  1. Not to miss the sunglasses!

Summer without glasses is unimaginable. Glasses of all shapes and colors are in trend this summer that are making a fashion trend as well. Whether it is Gucci or Emilio Pucci, brands are displaying an extensive range of summer sunglasses, which can simply transform your persona like never before. ‘Butterfly’ to ‘Cat’s eye’, sunglasses are hitting every brand and jewelry store this summer. Do not move out without the stunning ones!

Summer does not ask you to get overloaded with jewelry and walk into the heat. It gives you an opportunity to flaunt your beautiful skin with classy adornments that would keep you in vogue and enable you to drive in compliments without much effort.

5 best luxury holiday gifts for women

holiday gifts1

Women in business should be rewarded for the work that they perform on a daily basis. They should be appreciated by their bosses and admired by peers. As a company owner it is fundamental to keep your business on the floating line. Corporate gifts can help you attain that goal. Around the holiday season many companies offer gifts to employees. However, some don’t put any effort into this gift giving endeavor. Nobody cares for company pens and notebooks; they’re trivial and meaningless, and they won’t boost productivity. How far are you willing to go to live up to the expectations of your female employees? Here are 5 luxury holiday gifts that will wow them.

  1. Smart device

Women can fancy smart technology too, especially those in the business environment. Rather than send your best female employees flowers and candy, it might be a good idea to offer them an e-reader or tablet. This way you help yourself too; your best workers will have access important data a lot faster, and they’ll be able to perform their jobs from anywhere. Furthermore, they’ll be more connected and they won’t miss an email from you ever again. Kindles and Nooks are excellent choices too; these have thousands of self-help and career growth e-books to keep your women workers engaged and motivated.

  1. Gift basket with office supplies

A gift basket with office supplies may seem trivial, but it’s one of the most useful. The desk of your employees must always be equipped with essential items such as pens, holders, notepads, and so on. Since you’re gifting women workers, you might want to spice things up a bit. Consider items in female-oriented colors so to speak. Pastels and reds will appeal more than black and brown items. In spite of the practical purpose of these supplies, let’s not forget that it’s a gift. Warp it nicely and your women workers will be impressed by your gesture.

  1. Gift cards

Women love gift cards, in all forms and shapes. From vouchers to spas and gym certificates to massive discounts in favorite restaurants and designer shoe stores, they will love them. The business environment can be nerve-racking. After a tiring week everyone deserves a break, including your women workers. Offer them gift cards to their favorite places and after the weekend they’ll arrive at the office refreshed and ready to work. This gift idea also shows that management cares for their wellbeing; and when employees feel valued they’ll perform their daily duties will a lot more enthusiasm.

  1. Jewelry

Believe it or not, jewelry items can be excellent holiday gifts for women. However, since we’re talking about corporate gifts, it is important to purchase items of a certain budget. Don’t offer your female workers diamond necklaces. The gift must not exceed ¼ of their salary; a modern wristwatch for example, wrapped nicely in a box with your company logo on it can be a great idea. A discreet set of jewelry with a necklace and a pair of earrings may fit too. It’s fundamental to pick presents that exude professionalism. You want women to feel special and more productive, not uncomfortable.

  1. Books

People in business barely have time to breathe let alone read. However, certain books can actually keep them motivated to work harder. We’re talking about self-self and career-oriented books. These are enticing, engaging, and motivating. They’re meant to instill drive and persuade people to get out of their comfort zone if they want to attain greatness. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William Danko, and “Drive” by Daniel Pink are just few titles work checking out.

Business gifts should be taken more seriously. Many companies still don’t appreciate their employees, and they don’t realize (on time) that when the staff is not engaged they eventually leave. Women in the workplace are a lot more vulnerable than men. They’re sensitive and they want to feel that management cares about the work that they perform. That being said, you should pay more attention to corporate gift giving. Offer meaningful gifts that women employees can appreciate, and thus you will retain the best talent while also boosting bottom line.

Adorn Your Wardrobe With Classic Cocktail Dresses From Reputed Online Stores

With all its glam and glitter, cocktail parties have become a significant form of social celebration in present times. Almost every major social event – be it an engagement party, a post-wedding reception, a casual get-together or even a corporate event, tends to take the form of a cocktail party, where people come together to celebrate an auspicious occasion or simply enjoy each other’s company. Colorful cocktails fill the atmosphere with fun and excitement, and people shine in their best attires.


For ladies, glamorous cocktail parties present a great opportunity to dress in smart, gorgeous and classic cocktail dresses. Referring to outfits that were meant to be worn for early evening parties, the term ‘cocktail dress’ was first used in the late 1940s by Christian Dior. If you are not sure how a cocktail dress is defined, it is a perfect blend of semi-formal with elegance. However, you need to decide on the color, style and overall pattern of your dress with care depending on your look, personality and of course the occasion. Ideally, a chic cocktail dress must be teamed with simple yet sophisticated accessories and high heels.

Here are some useful tips on how to grace your wardrobe with the most stylish and classic cocktail dresses:

  • According to a famous fashion quote, ‘You are never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress’. A smart and elegant black dress is almost a fashion necessity that completes your wardrobe with a classic touch. Black, undoubtedly is a magical color that suits all ages and skin tones, covering up your physical flaw areas elegantly. Enhance the aura of the outfit with colored heels and an elegantly embellished clutch.
  • Even though a little black dress is all you need to mesmerize the crowd in a cocktail party, a bit of vibrant color can always make you look chic and stylish. Opt for an artful red dress to stand out among the crowd. To flaunt your best look, consider pairing your red dress with a pendant necklace and a pair of pink peep toe shoes.
  • There is something inexplicably romantic and impressive about strapless cocktail dresses, which keep them from ever going out of fashion. All you need to do is flaunt a strapless cocktail dress in organza or chiffon to become the center of attraction. Avoid pairing a strapless dress with heavy accessories and choose to carry an envelope clutch.
  • Not in a mood to flaunt something too gorgeous and foxy? What about wearing a pencil dress with side pockets? A pencil dress, unlike a strapless cocktail dress, is far more sophisticated and subtle. A perfectly designed pencil dress with keyhole neckline and cap sleeves is one of the best cocktail dresses you can think of wearing.

Once you are done deciding on the type of dress you want to opt for, it’s time to choose the source of buying the outfit. In today’s busy and hectic times, it is always a convenient option to buy clothes online. However, while there are numerous online stores offering a huge array of classic cocktail dresses, you need to take your pick with care. Do some market research to choose an online fashion store that’s experienced, reputed and authentic. Make sure you get into business with a good store to ensure a smart purchase.

5 unique executive corporate gifts for women and men

Corporate gift giving matters a lot in the business environment. It is well-established program that can help enterprises improve relationships, and become an efficient way of identifying activities and assist organizations to attain greatness. For a corporate gift program to be successful, enterprises must learn to make the right choices. Gifts are given to investors, clients, and even employees.

The reasons vary; certain companies may consider gift giving to retain staff, others may consider that the right gift can have a great effect on a potential investor. The goal of a corporate gift is to affirm connections and boost the personal connection between givers and recipients. Here 5 unique ideas.

1. Kensington Power Charger

A power charger may not be the most attractive idea of a gift. However, business people will appreciate it. There are many third-party chargers available around; these are used to keep your laptop and other smart devices charged when you’re on the road. Business people in general travel a lot; one day they’re in New York City and the other they can be in Hong Kong. Kensington’s AbsolutePower Charger features a triple charging capability. It is an excellent charging device for your tablet and smartphone too. In terms of power, the charger packs 10 watts. It is scratch-resistant and it’s not bulky like other similar devices currently available in the marketplace.

2. Birchbox

This corporate gift ideal is excellent for business women. Organizations should send these out to employees. Birchbox is a company that delivers monthly boxes packed with beauty samples, including hair care, make-up and skincare products. Since women love these kinds of presents, receiving monthly samples is a great way of reminding them that you value the work that they do around the office. Birchbox has other great gift ideas too, including vouchers, gift cards, kits and more. What’s even great is that the company has boxes for men too. These include shaving products, perfumes, moisturizers and even flasks and ties.

3. Stylish cufflinks

Men in business wear fancy suits. In order to look dashing, they must adorn their outfits with the right accessories. Cufflinks are ideal corporate gifts for clients, customers and associates. A company that wants to impress a future partner will have its gifts personalized; custom cufflinks will make a great impression. Wrap them up nicely and your potential investors will be pleasantly awed. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on gold or platinum materials, stick to stainless steel.

4. Personalized pen set

Pen sets may look like trivial gifts for business people. But they can be the coolest too; just because this is a classic choice it doesn’t mean that it must be boring. Invest in personalized pen sets for investors and employees. Have their names engraved on the pen and also include your company logo. For a pen to look sleek, the sender must have it wrapped in a holder or appealing box. This shows that you are attentive to details and that you care for the people involved in your company.


5. Chinese Bonsai

Sending women flowers as gifts is overrated, especially in the business environment. As an alternative, you could consider gifting women Chinese bonsais. These look sleek and modern, and fit perfectly on a desk too. Bonsais are easy to care for; they’re everlasting and will instantly bring a boring décor to life. To make the gift personalized, have the flower pot customized with a meaningful message and company logo. The receiver will definitely appreciate such ingenious idea. Many companies today are environmentally friendly; this means that a Chinese Bonsai is the type of gift they will appreciate.
In today’s competitive business environment, corporate gifts can’t be ignored. Living up to people’s expectations is more difficult than meets the eye. Enterprises of all sizes should pay attention to gifts. Some are meant to help you build professional relationships, others may boost engagement and bottom line, and some types serve as an excellent marketing strategy. Consider top quality ideas, purchase items that people can actually use, and always think of quality. Nobody will use a cheesy, unattractive gift. If you want your company to make an impression, use the above mentioned ideas we just mentioned.

In today’s competitive business environment, corporate gifts can’t be ignored. Living up to people’s expectations is more difficult than meets the eye. Enterprises of all sizes should pay attention to gifts. Some are meant to help you build professional relationships, others may boost engagement and bottom line, and some types serve as an excellent marketing strategy. Consider top quality ideas, purchase items that people can actually use, and always think of quality. Nobody will use a cheesy, unattractive gift. If you want your company to make an impression, use the above mentioned ideas we just mentioned.

Pick The Womens Clothes And Enjoy Your Occasion

Nowadays girls like to get the best garments to wear, but there is no matter because the clothes gives numerous pleasure to people. Most of the women enjoy the pleasure by buying the new garments for special occasion like wedding day, birthdays and many more. Are you waiting to buy the signifies dress, then get the chance with huge offers. Purchasing the women’s clothes always give great experience to womens because it will resolve many issues. Moreover, always buy the exact garments for the entire evening. When you need to convenience your family members, then take huge pleasure by the excellent buy.


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Some of the clothing provide different firms where it will easily accomodates like delusional desires with numerous sizing numbers, where it also make your clothes as larger. Always try to select the dress something special one as much possible with basicslife coupons. Now, shopping is not harder for womens, with vast collection of dress choose the best one. The womens clothes mainly comes with latest trend, this used for both ladies and womens. When you select your garments verify the dress quality as well as the colour. Always pick the dress based on your skin tone this is essential one. The womens clothes price is only less, where the cost is vary depends on the materials of garments from this everyone can buy the best clothes for the special day.